Test for accessibility

March 20, 2009

So I ran this blog through this automated app that tests sites for Section 508 compliance. I passed.

However, I think I can do better. Especially with color choice, since brown-on-tan isn’t terribly high-contrast. And the default font size is quite small. People with vision impairments but not total blindness might have difficulty with the default stylesheet.

More on this later…


So, in addition to my usual PhD stuff keeping me from updating this blog, I’ve also been dealing with a broken rib that I sustained in a bike crash.


This causes me extreme pain whenever I

  • move
  • lay down
  • sit up
  • switch from any of laying down, sitting up, or standing to any of the others.
  • sneeze (oh my God, especially when I sneeze)
  • reach for anything with my right hand (like my mouse or keyboard)

Lessons learned from this experience:

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What is this blog anyway?

October 23, 2008

I keep attaching the word “design” to things, but so far, there hasn’t been a whole lot of blogging here focused on it. What is this blog about, anyway? Here, have a seat and I’ll explain where I’m coming from. (This entry is an example of metacommunication.)

Pull up a Danish postmodern chair

Pull up a Danish postmodern chair

First of all, I am exhilerated by the amount of technology that is avalable today that can allow people to participate in society who might never have been able to do so in years past. Stephen Hawking was Time Magazine’s Man of the Millennium with good reason. Nothing about the man or his work would have been familiar to someone centuries ago.

This isn’t to suggest that all our problems are solved. While we have the technology, application and design for its use still sucks.

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