Tablature in Braille

February 25, 2009

How does one who uses a braille display read tab?
Being a primarily graphical method of communication, it doesn’t really do much for people who cannot see.

Turtle Dove for banjo in tab

Turtle Dove for banjo in tab

Here is a solution.

There are two ways of thinking about this alternate method.
First, it would be interesting to create a computer script that could translate this automatically.
Alternately, this is a good project for crowdsourcing. If every guitar player or banjo player translated one song into the new notation, each person would only contribute a small amount of work, but the cumulative work completed would be enormous.

This is the concept behind One to One-Thousand by Sam Sennott. How much work could we get done if we all contributed a small amount toward the same end?


Check this out. The crowdsourcing has already begun.

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