Lazar, Akiva & Yagoubzadeh claims “Irrevocable damage”? Welcome to the world of self-fulfilling prophecy.


may or may not be

hoax, scam, fraud, extortion, scheme, terrorist, Islamic, jihadist, blackmail, cheating, deceit, deception, con job, racket, rip off, shell game, sham, no-fly list, Taliban, militant, molestation charges, perjury,  disbarred, catastrophic,

probably not, but [redacted] haven’t publicly denied it.

Here are some other words allegedly unrelated to [redacted]

Jubin Niamehr, fired by [redacted]

list of words I thought of: DMCI infringement, child pornographer, legal bullying, prima facie defamation, misrepresentation, dishonesty, Lancet retracted autism study with fraudulent data, under investigation, Better Business Bureau, Securities and Exchange Commission, inquiry, subpoena, indictment, arraignment, Congressional hearings, smoke and mirrors, duplicity, duplicitous, ponzi scheme, untrustworthy, obfuscated, subterfuge, industrial espionage, arson, political assassination, civil damages, judicial injunction, retracted claims, Hitler, product recall, disclaimer, negligence, death, dismemberment, human trafficking.

DISCLAIMER: Personally, I don’t know that [redacted] is a scam, and have no opinion about whether or not [redacted] is a scam. However, the actions of the law firm of Lazar, Akiva, & Yagoubzadeh cause me to wonder if [redacted] is a scam. But I have no hard evidence to prove whether or not [redacted] is a scam. So, I will withhold my judgment about whether or not [redacted] is a scam.


Jubin Niamehr

Jubin Niamehr

Jubin Niamehr

Jubin Niamehr

Jubin Niamehr

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