One-button games

March 9, 2011

Here is a new game for iOS (you know, the platform that Proloquo2Go runs on):

It’s called Tiny Wings

I love the metaphor of having a little, sort-of impaired bird overcoming its limitations and flying with the assistance of the environment and the player.

Some other one-button games:

I really like One-Button Bob. It’s a bit of a cognitive challenge, because each level is different. But there is no penalty for messing up, so just keep trying until you win the level.

Click for a list of games.

No discussion of one-button games is complete without Canabalt, the finest in one-button games… maybe ever. This isn’t a game designed for people with disabilities, this is a game designed for everyone that just happens to be played with only one button.

(Gameplay hint: don’t try to avoid all the obstacles; use them to slow yourself down.)

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