Accessible Video Games

January 29, 2011

I’m so happy that some game developers are thinking about making their controls and gameplay modes customizable, because this is what is needed in order to adapt controllers for gamers with disabilities.

Hardcore gamers also frequently ask for customizable controls (hardcore gamers are a notoriously difficult demographic to please). You can accommodate disabled gamers by doing the very thing that the most abled gamers want anyway! It’s a win across the board.

What makes the games in this post exceptional is that they are both console games, not PC games. Video game consoles are traditionally very limited in their flexibility, and unlike a PC, cannot run the user’s custom software to assist with accessibility.

MLB 11 custom Dualshock controller

Two examples listed below.

MLB 11 The Show

Baseball player

Screencap from MLB 11 "The Show"

“The Show” series is widely regarded as the best baseball video game series. This year’s version includes a one-button mode that they are calling the “Association for Disabled Virtual Athletes mode.”

It was added specifically for one baseball superfan with cerebral palsy.

I need to start making a list of amazing design ideas that have resulted because someone knew (or was related to) someone else with a disability.

Forza Motorsports 3

Named by AbleGamers the Accessible Mainstream Game of the Year.

Forza 3 screencap

The best racing games have customizable controls anyway, but Forza takes it to a new level. It can be configured to be playable with only three switches.

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