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March 30, 2009

Click me

Click me

Watch this video from the Today Show.


Augie’s system that he was using before the eye-gaze system is Dasher. He can continue to use Dasher with the new Dynavox eye-gaze system. If the current system is working for him, I hope he does.

(Putting in a jump because I don’t want an animated GIF on the front page of my blog, which would be annoying.)

Dasher is a write-with-mouse system that uses word prediction and has a fluid interface that lets you go from typing to selecting prediction items seamlessly.

Dasher in use

Dasher in use

I really dig this because it is a very innovative design (it imitates nothing and there’s nothing else like it), it is easy to learn, it’s flexible enough to accommodate a lot of different inputs (mouse with or without clicks, trackball, eyegaze, etc) and it is completely free.

here is a longer video on Dasher

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