Mintpad (proto-Siftable?)

March 25, 2009

Wow! Right after I repost the Siftable video, this thing is announced for release in the U.S.

Mintpad tablet device

Mintpad tablet device

I could see this thing replacing the BigMack or Step-by-Step devices. They’re about the same price and a million times more adaptable and capable.

Get the price down to $50 and use their networking capabilities to make an ad-hoc network with one another and you’ve almost got Siftables.

I think this is one of those technologies that the manufacturer is going to be astonished at what the end-user ends up doing with their product. The applications they are planning for this are all wrong. This thing is destined to be an interactive toy or an accessory to a more powerful central device. If I ran an AAC company, I’d be pushing to get the price down to $50 each and I’d sell them in packs of 6 or 9.

Engadget writes about Mintpad

Official website.

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