“That’s not fair”

March 15, 2009

I don’t know how to embed TED talks in WordPress, so click on this link and watch the video. Then come back here.

The key to using technology to overcome disabilities is to not try to duplicate the functioning of a “normal” person, but to give people capacities that they wouldn’t ordinarily have had.

AAC devices are not, and will never be, a “prosthetic voice” no matter how hard we work on designing them. We’re artificially limiting ourselves by trying. We can do better. We can make AAC a more powerful communication method.

Update: YouTube saves the day

4 Responses to ““That’s not fair””

  1. alltogether Says:


    I think you just switch to html mode, with the embed code in hand, but maybe you can only do Youtube, Googlevids and something else. Try it out.



  2. alltogether Says:

    The other cool thing to do with stuff like that is do a screen grab, upload the image and make the image a hyperlink.



  3. Adam Bowker Says:

    Or wait until it shows up on YouTube and embed it from there…

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