Tablature in Braille

February 25, 2009

How does one who uses a braille display read tab?
Being a primarily graphical method of communication, it doesn’t really do much for people who cannot see.

Turtle Dove for banjo in tab

Turtle Dove for banjo in tab

Here is a solution.

There are two ways of thinking about this alternate method.
First, it would be interesting to create a computer script that could translate this automatically.
Alternately, this is a good project for crowdsourcing. If every guitar player or banjo player translated one song into the new notation, each person would only contribute a small amount of work, but the cumulative work completed would be enormous.

This is the concept behind One to One-Thousand by Sam Sennott. How much work could we get done if we all contributed a small amount toward the same end?


Check this out. The crowdsourcing has already begun.

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2 Responses to “Tablature in Braille”

  1. […] idea has caused a lot of excitement. Boing Boing, Tech, design, and society, European Bluegrass Blog, The Bluegrass Blog, Autologic, Ukulelia and other sites have written […]

  2. G.Fraggle Says:

    I don’t directly work with people with vision impairments, but my goal with my blog is to explore ways that all people, regardless of their disability, can participate in our society through the use of inventive design ideas like this one.

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