Actual (not hypothetical) games

January 5, 2009

It seems I’m not the only person thinking about accessible video games. Awesome (since I’m not in a position to do anything but think about them). Some people are out there making games.
New York Times reports on a music-mixing game called AudiOdyssey that is designed to be playable by sighted and blind users. This one has been around for a while.

You can download AudiOdyssey here.

AudiOdyssey was created as part of a student thesis at MIT. Read Eitan Glinert’s thesis here.

Eitan has created a game company called Firehose Games to create more accessible games. I wish them luck, and I’ll be checking in on their progress as I get further in my career of combining recreational therapy with speech and language.

In addition to that, XBox Live has a game called In The Pit that is an audio-only, single-player action game. It sounds a lot like Be the Wumpus.

2 Responses to “Actual (not hypothetical) games”

  1. Eitan Says:

    Glad to see you care about gaming accessibility! There’s actually a group of people dedicated to making accessible games, the IGDA accessibility special interest group, There’s also a bunch of websites like, and some really noteworthy accessible games like Terraformers and Game Over!


  2. G.Fraggle Says:

    Thanks, Eitan. Good luck with Firehose. If I get home to New England, I’d love to schedule a visit.
    If you want to blatantly rip off my In The Pit multiplayer FPS idea, feel free. (I’m just a speech therapist who thinks he’s a recreational therapist, what am I going to do with a video game idea?)

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