The Message

December 4, 2008

What is the message here?

Handicap entrance in rear.

Handicap entrance in rear.

2 Responses to “The Message”

  1. alltogether Says:

    Could be that the cool people get to enter in the back. Like the back room of a club! 😉

    Yet, most likely it means a retrofitting took place.

  2. JP Says:

    There’s another level to the message being sent. I see it less about the fact that the accessible entrance is in the back, as maybe that was the only way to retrofit to have anything accessible in the first place. No, for me (as someone who conducts a lot of public meetings that need to be accessible) the real message is being sent with the duct tape and crude way the sign is presented. We always try to have our ‘accessible’ signs mounted on boards just like the rest of our sings for the meeting, and we try to direct people early, in the parking lot, and have as many signs as necessary to easily direct people along the accessible route and to the alternate entrance. Sometimes it’s as easy as a sign pointing to the elevators, taped to a wall perhaps, but really, duct tape? Maybe it’s all they had, but it’s pretty crude. Especially if this is supposed to be more than a temporary sign (looks to me like they want it to stay put).

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