The floor is lava!!!

October 15, 2008

Good thing wheelchairs are lavaproof.



Now go play.

Oh, you want rules and stuff? Okay.

  1. Start by clearing a space. Move all the furniture to the edges of the room.
  2. Everyone starts on one side on a chair or a carpet square. They are trapped there because, as previously mentioned, the floor is lava!!!
  3. Obviously staying put isn’t an option. When the floor is lava one must tempt fiery and certain death. The object of the game is to move around the room without touching the floor lava.
  4. Here’s where the fireproof quality of wheelchairs comes into play. The fireproof player can move carpet squares and furniture around to create stepping stones to assist the other players.
  5. Players who step or fall off their stepping stones fall in the lava. The penalty for falling into lava is a horrible painful death by fiery incineration.
  6. Yes, this game contradicts all those times you told kids not to climb on chairs and desks. Yes they might fall and get hurt. Tell them to get up and walk it off. Chances are they won’t want to because the floor is lava!!! (Seriously, what were you thinking?)
  7. The game ends when a) the floor is no longer lava, or b) the whole thing degenerates into chaos.

Things to think about: The difference between inclusion where children with differences are merely tolerated versus inclusion where those children are actively sought out as instrumental to a preferred activity.

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