Strange Attractor updated

October 7, 2008

Strange Attractor is a video game that you can play with a single switch. Strange Attractor 2 is playable with 2 switches or with a single switch.

Strange Attractor 2

Strange Attractor 2

Developer’s website You can get SA1 at this site.

SA2 was Featured by Greenhouse and won an award at PAX (Penny Arcade Expo). Penny Arcade is pretty serious about games. They wouldn’t recommend it if it wasn’t completely awesome.

Accessible games do not need to be crappy. A well-thought-out game can be fun for everyone.

The thing is, Strange Attractor was programmed as part of a contest for one-switch accessible games. Then it became respected as a game by the overall gaming community for its clever design. What turned out to be good for people with disabilities, yet again, is good for everyone. You are going to hear that on this blog like a mantra.

Other one-switch ideas, and other entries to the original contest, can be found here.

One Response to “Strange Attractor updated”

  1. ominouschris Says:

    Hey! Thanks for the kind writeup. Technically, we didn’t win an award at PAX, just getting into the PAX 10 was sort of the reward. We’re always happy to get feedback from gamers, especially disabled gamers to learn how our games are interpreted and how we can make them better. Anyway, thanks again!

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