Disabilities in pop culture 3

September 25, 2008


Daredevil is blind due to a chemical spill that burned his eyes and simultaneously gave him extremely fine other senses.



Rather than talk about what Daredevil “means” (and I’m not sure I accurately can, since it was never one of the comics I read), here’s something really cool very like Daredevil’s powers:


Things to consider: the difference between expectation and potential… How do we raise people’s expectations for our kids who have disabilities’ achievement?

One Response to “Disabilities in pop culture 3”

  1. Pete Says:

    I can’t view the video (for some odd reason) but I’ve seen a special on the learning channel about this guy. He’s really cool, but fairly stubborn about using a cane. That’s a big deal, because things such as holes and skinny objects (such as wires) could obstruct his way and be dangerous (and unclickable).

    Daredevil has a varied ability set, but is really defined by this almost perfect night-vision power that comes from his elevated other senses. In many cases, he knocks out the lights so as to “level the playing field,” although it’s not level because the bad guys don’t have his special power.

    Marvel makes him out to be a normalish guy, but his power surpasses even some X-Men.

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